Why is Alcohol Counseling Right for Me?

By | July 2, 2019

If you’ve been searching for “alcohol counseling near me” or have admitted to having a drinking problem, alcohol counseling is for you. However, there are other reasons to see an alcohol counselor as well. Here are some reasons an alcohol counselor can help, as well as some benefits.

Identifying and Avoiding Triggers

As an alcoholic, you may not realize that there are certain triggers that can make you relapse. Some are obvious. If you see someone drinking, smell alcohol, or even have a drop on your tongue, it can soon make you go back to your ways.

However, there are certain triggers that are a bit more subtle. If you take from an alcoholic parent, mentioning that parent. Triggering a bad memory that makes you want to drink. A counselor can help you find those triggers and teach you how to avoid them, or reduce their impact if you cannot avoid them.

Helping You Find Fun Without Alcohol

There are many reasons that people drink. One of them is to have fun. For example, getting a little tipsy can definitely enhance a party. There is nothing wrong with a non-alcoholic having the occasional beer with friends or at a party. However, if you’re always needing alcohol to have fun, you have a problem. A counselor can help you be able to find your own fun without needing alcohol in order to do so. Sometimes, you may need to learn a new hobby. Other times, it’s a gradual thing.

Helping You with Relapsing

Sometimes, you’re going to relapse. When you relapse, you may feel like you’re a loser and you should just go back to your normal ways. These self-defeating thoughts can end up being your downfall. When you relapse, a counselor can explain how that is normal and how you can go back to being a better person.

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Helping Repair Your Relationships

Alcohol abuse can cause relationship issues to say the least. You may end up ending the relationship with your spouse, scaring away your friends, and even having a poor relationship with your friends. Repairing your relationships, or at least getting some closure in them, is a challenge. Some people will forgive you if you’ve cleaned up your act and can prove it. Others may still hold a grudge.

Learning how to repair relationships, and learning how to let go of those who won’t forgive you, is something a counselor can teach.

Helping You with Your Thoughts

Sometimes, it’s your self-defeating thoughts that can make you end up relapsing. Your regrets, doubts, and other thoughts can ruin your recovery. Thoughts are hard to get rid of; you sometimes can’t just stop thinking about them. However, your self-defeating thoughts can be, well, defeated, with mindfulness, meditation, and some cognitive-behavioral therapy. A counselor can help teach you some techniques that will make you a little more mindful and allow you to grow as a person. Mindfulness is not only good for alcohol recovery, but for life in general.

You Must Help Yourself, Too

An alcohol counselor can help you recover from alcoholism, and help keep you off the booze. The key word here is “help.” You still need to be the person who goes above and beyond to help yourself. You need to take action and accept responsibility as well. If you don’t listen to the counselor, don’t attend sessions regularly, and don’t continue speaking to them after the sessions, then you may end up relapsing.

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If you’re ready to recover, talk to a counselor today and begin your journey towards a much cleaner life.

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