Women snorts illegal nasal spray to keep her 'glow' year long

By | July 6, 2019

Women snorts illegal nasal spray to keep her ‘glow’ year long.

Jamie McBride, 28, has been using sunbeds for up to 15 minutes time since she was a teenager.

Now she has taken to a new form to keep her tan going all year long.

For the past two years, McBride has been snorting nasal sprays to deepen her tan.

The nasal spray is currently unlicensed and illegal in the UK, but this isn’t stopping McBride.

“Like using anything you don’t know much about, putting it into my body does worry me, but everyone else I know who has used them has been okay, so I’ll be fine,” she says.


The nasal spray cost almost €30 and is made of chemicals that are supposed to stimulate melanin production.

Before turning to the nasal spray, McBride frequented the tanning beds-sometimes three to four times a week.

Experts warn that any amount of time spent on a sunbed can dramatically increase your risk of skin cancer.

A spokesperson for the Government’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) warned against the use of tanning injections and related products containing Melanotan.

“Melanotan is not a licensed medicine and therefore its quality and safety has not been tested; no information is held on where or how it is made nor what it contains,” they said.