Yoga Teacher Training Course At Yoga Evolution

By | June 8, 2018

If you are thinking about becoming a yoga teacher and looking around at all of the courses available on the internet, then have a look at Yoga Evolution. We offer courses in Ashtanga, Yin, Hatha which will give a great foundation on your new yoga career. Our course is full y residential and runs over five weeks which gives you plenty of time to consolidate the training.

Our course will allow you to learn how to create sequences of postures in a creative way and according to the needs of your clients. You will be learning all of the postures step by step and exploring all of the different parts of the body in each posture. Looking at the breath and working directly with the breath when performing movement in and out of postures is the key element between the body and the mind and when you are on our yoga teacher training course you will explore the direct relationship between mind and body, while using the breath as a key to enhance synchronicity bet ween the two. The body is a universe of sensation and learning the right breathing techniques is fundamental in any training.

It is great leaning about yoga and meditation but unless you have been trained in getting your classes know by looking into the business aside of the practice, you might find yourself struggling to fill your classes. On our course we go into great depth when looking at the business of yoga. We take a look at social media and how to effectively create ads to target you area of expertise. 

The philosophy of practice and ethics of a teacher is a fundamental part of our training and understanding your responsibilities is paramount to all of your education in yoga. We take a look at how our ancestors kept and maintained this lifestyle thousands of years ago.

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